Integral Zen

  • Colorado, US
  • Doshin Roshi,
  • Daniel Thorsen,
  • Ivo Mensch
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Organization information

Integral Zen started in about 2005, in Denver Colorado, 18 blocks from the Ken Wilber residence. Our local Zen community (Sangha) in Denver was a laboratory where we experimented.

We experimented with ways that we can add things to this exquisite waking up Dharma, the Buddhist Dharma, the Zen lineage, the teachings of 2,600 years, and more. Integral Zen is about breaking your heart open so you can take home this connection to selfless compassion and share it with those that you love.

The Mission of Integral Zen is to offer an evolutionary path to awakening and full human fulfillment, based on the teachings and practices of Rinzai Zen, and our root teachers Soen Roshi, Eido Roshi, Jun Po Roshi, and the collected works and wisdom of the integral philosopher Ken Wilber. This living community is non-dogmatic in its philosophy, and open to the evolution of its own processes and instructions.

Integral Zen