We live in a moment of
civilizational crisis and awakening

The Second Renaissance

From the old paradigm of modernity to a new paradigm for humanity of interconnectedness, wisdom, inner growth and spirituality beyond capitalism

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Signs of serious illness

We are witnessing an escalating series of interconnected crises – ecological, political, and social.

These could be serious, even terminal. There is near-term risk of cascading collapse in the systems of global civilization. This would result in large-scale destruction of life.

Accurate diagnosis is vital

We need to go to the source of the illness. Staying at the superficial, symptomatic level will be insufficient.

Views and values are the water we swim in

Like the water we swim in, our views and values are often invisible to us. Yet they shape our way of thinking and being, what we believe is possible or not, what we prioritise and dismiss, what we deem to be "normal".

This breakdown goes deeper than we imagine

That is why our widespread breakdown goes deeper than we usually imagine. The source lies in our views and values anchored in the cultural paradigm of modernity.

Our crises roots lie in modernity's key values

Modernity is based on key views and values like individualism, progress, rationality, freedom and equality.

These underpinned extraordinary material progress and advances in individual liberty.

However, its core ideas now cast long shadows: endless growth, materialism, techno-solutionism and an addiction to certainty and control. These in turn are driving global exploitation and the destruction of nature, nihilism and loneliness and an ever-widening wisdom gap culminating in the crises we face today.

Any solution must likewise go to the roots

We cannot address current crises through the logic and value systems that created and continue to drive them.

Any solution must be radical in the true sense of the word: they must go to the roots.

We need profound shifts in our ways of being, thinking, feeling, and acting: the emergence of a major new cultural paradigm that transcends modernity.

A cure is possible –
cultural paradigms evolve

Views and values can change. The deep stories that shape civilization have evolved throughout history. New paradigms can emerge transcending old ideas and offering responses to the problems and limitations of the old world.

A new, regenerative paradigm is needed

Modern materialism has reduced complex life to a sum of parts and deprioritised the human inner world, leading to breakdown. A liveable future will demand a new paradigm rooted in understanding of the whole.

Something is emerging

Whilst much is yet to emerge, this new cultural paradigm could include views and values like the following ...

What would it look like?

» Inner growth
inner growth prioritized over material growth with a recognition of our potential to consciously evolve personally and collectively in multiple dimensions: to wake up, grow up, clean up, and show up.
» Wisdom
A renewed cultivation of wisdom based in a recognition of the limits (and value) of reason, of the importance of the whole, and the value of a long term that includes all of the living.
» Interbeing
Seeing clearly our profoundly interdependent relationship to each other and the planet in way that is regenerative, ecological and connecting.
» Spirituality
Going beyond secularity to reintegrate spirituality and religion into collective life.
» Beyond capitalism
A new economical system beyond capitalism and socialism, grounded in new ways to assess value.

It is already happening

A transformation of cultural paradigm is possible and is already starting to happen.

We are seeing the emergence of an ecosystem of individuals and organisations, tied together by a shared recognition of this historical moment, and a calling to respond to it.


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