We live in a moment of
civilizational crisis and awakening

The Second Renaissance

A journey from the old paradigm of modernity to
the birth of a new dawn for humanity.

The old world is dying and a new world is yet to be born.

The civilization crisis we are living is also precursor of an awakening.

There are visible signs of illness

We are witnessing a constellation of escalating crises.

There is a real risk of civilizational collapse and large-scale destruction of life due to intertwined ecological, political, social, and meaning crises.

Source lies at the roots of our civilization

In our ways of thinking and being.

We are experiencing this crisis because we are at the end of an cultural paradigm that we call modernity.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them."

Modernity is the water we are swimming in... The root cause of our civilizational breakdown

A cure is possible: the Second Renaissance

We cannot address current crises through the logic and value systems that created and continue to drive them.

Any solution must be radical in the true sense of the word: they must go to the the roots.

We need profound shifts in our ways of being, thinking, feeling, and acting: the emergence of a major new cultural paradigm that transcends modernity.

What would it look like?

Whilst much is yet to emerge, we believe this new cultural paradigm will include views and values like:

» Inner growth
inner growth prioritized over material growth with a recognition of our potential to consciously evolve personally and collectively in multiple dimensions: to wake up, grow up, clean up, and show up.
» Wisdom
A renewed cultivation of wisdom based in a recognition of the limits (and value) of reason, of the importance of the whole, and the value of a long term that includes all of the living.
» Interbeing
Seeing clearly our profoundly interdependent relationship to each other and the planet in way that is regenerative, ecological and connecting.
» Spirituality
Going beyond secularity to reintegrate spirituality and religion into collective life.
» Beyond capitalism
A new economical system beyond capitalism and socialism, grounded in new ways to assess value.

It is already happening

A transformation of cultural paradigm is possible and is already starting to happen.

We are seeing the emergence of an ecosystem of individuals and organisations, tied together by a shared recognition of this historical moment, and a calling to respond to it.



The Second Renaissance is both period and a movement.

A "time between worlds"
and a growing movement of those who recognize it.

The two most important common beliefs are: an awareness that we are witnessing the end of a cultural paradigm which underpins much of what we see in our socieities. Second, a belief in the "primacy of being": that the transition to what comes next must be based in the inner dimension and the conscious evolution of ourselves and our cultures.

Most of all, the future it envisions is one that prioritizes inner rather than outer growth.

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